What Are Some Of The Most Awesome Psychological Facts?

What Are Some Of The Most Awesome Psychological Facts?

Psychological factors include two aspects: psychological process and personality. The psychological process is composed of cognitive process, emotional process, and will process. Personality includes personality tendencies and personality psychological characteristics.

The process of cognition includes feeling, perception, memory, thinking, and imagination. Social psychological factors refer to the theory that the formation and development of a society are determined by the psychological factors of people’s social behavior. At the beginning of the 20th century, it replaced the social organism theory and became popular.

Representatives include Tard of France, Tenness of Germany, Giddings of the United States, and so on. It is believed that society is composed of people, and social forms are represented by human activities. Therefore, the development of society not only depends on the geographical environment and the physiological structure of human beings but also on the interaction between people.

Social And Psychological Effects

1. It has a broad and mass character and can produce a wide range of social influences.

2. It exists in the form of feelings, emotions, habits, customs, and traditions. It has a certain degree of relative independence, stability, and a broad mass base, and it is not easy to change.

3. Social psychology reflects a certain social outlook, shows a certain degree of popular support, and has a certain influence on political, economic, and cultural development.

4. The scientific socialist ideological system is not spontaneously produced by the labor movement, but can only be instilled into the masses of the people through education so that it can become the consciousness of the masses of the people.

Precisely because of these characteristics, it is of great significance to pay attention to the use of a healthy and socialist ideological system to educate the masses, and to guide the masses of the masses with correct public opinion guidance, and to make it a conscious action of the masses.

What Are Some Psychological Facts That People Don’t Know?

People want you to perform well. As long as you don’t do better than them

Stop using things like “How are you?” or “The weather looks good today, doesn’t it?” They are widely overused and will make you sound like a robot and disrupt the conversation before it goes smoothly.

Want more people to do something? Present it as a normal state. 92% of people reuse the towels they use in the hotel. People tend to follow the norm, not something that deviates from it.

Physical contact, if done properly, at the right time, will greatly increase your cuteness factors (such as shoulder contact). People desire to be noticed or recognized by others. This is one way.

People are more inclined to avoid losses than to win gains. Persuasion, the person who always talks have lost. If you want to prevent the public from using supermarket shopping bags, instead of “get 5 cents, if you bring your own shopping bag”, say “you will be charged 5 cents,” If you need us to provide plastic bags”

We are tempted by taboos. The fewer things you have, the more people you want. Why do you think Prohibition failed? Or, why do people with “goody-two-shoes” secretly yearn for potential entertainment from sex and nightclubs?

Performance is powerful. The more “grand” or “inspiring” your behavior, the greater the emotional impact on others, which in turn will magnify your image as a leader. This is why acting classes and public speaking go hand in hand.

Don’t want to lie: Most people are passive, boring, and passive. Display items. Take the initiative to talk to the guy or girl you have always wanted to chat with. Give (not just accept) hugs more openly. This will also greatly increase your popularity, make you a happy, attractive, and confident person, and make you stand out from most people (in a good way)

The feeling is everything. British chocolate company Cadbury has received many complaints that their “diary milk bars” don’t taste as good as before. Strangely, the only thing that changed was the shape of the chocolate bar; the taste did not change in any way

Social factors (fear of rejection) are powerful factors that keep people aligned or group norms

Psychology (especially social psychology) is a powerful weapon. It can be used to help, support, and empower people around you.

Talking about your goals will reduce your determination to achieve them

People want to be heard. An easy way to increase the likability factor is to listen to what they say and let them know that they have all your attention and focus. Asking questions and retelling can also help them know that you are listening carefully.

Although it is associated with addiction, you can also use dopamine (the “feel-good” hormone) to achieve your goals. Plan “small victories” to achieve them. Every small victory causes the release of dopamine.

We often associate objects, people, or experiences with memories unconsciously. Our favorite song may be a mediocre song (relatively speaking), but we like it because it is related to happy memories.

We may not even understand ourselves. We may think of ourselves as “shy, introverted, non-party people”, but are we really like this? How do we know that we are not restricting ourselves? Our identity is shaped by various factors, including social pressure. How do we know that our true selves are not entangled by these things?

Appeal to human emotions, then appeal to logic.

Don’t talk about your success. Let them be discovered naturally. This increases its influence because by talking about it, you might be considered bragging.

What Psychological Facts Shocked You?

How do you feel after sleeping for 10 or 11 hours? You feel tired. Sleeping too much is just as harmful as not sleeping enough. You must sleep just right, sleep just right.

Satire can actually promote brain health, making your thinking more agile, smarter, and more creative.

Sarcastic people are good at understanding abstract concepts and solving complex problems.

Publishers found that people like short lines of 30 to 50 characters. From my own email marketing experience, I always shorten the subject line to 4–10 small letters.

However, the fact is that our reading speed slows down for a short period of time. 100 characters are actually the ideal line length.

A 2011 study showed that it is difficult for people to recognize happy faces when listening to sad songs, and vice versa.

In 1980, psychologists discovered that we remember almost all objects from a normative perspective. You will unconsciously see most objects from exactly the same vantage point.

If you use another language, can you think more rationally? “People will make more logical choices when they use a second language”-University of Chicago.

Build it in a different language, and then you will know if it is really a good idea.

Singing fills your brain with endorphins and oxytocin, keeping your heart rate and cortisol levels low. Even if you are the worst singer in the world like me.

Our body and brain are connected inexplicably. Happiness is an important part of health.

Your memory is very different from what most people think. Your brain has not gone back in time. But remember what you remembered last time.

It’s like a phone game. Every time you recall an event that happened in the past, your brain network will change in some way, thereby changing the later memory of the event. Therefore, the next time you recall this event, you may not remember the original event, but the things you remembered before. The Northwestern University study proved this for the first time.

Emotional and physical pain releases the same chemicals in the same way and activates the same areas.

Sunlight is not only good for bones, it can also prevent mood disorders such as depression.

Texting and social media trigger the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine plays another important role. It controls desire. It tells you when you want what, and forces you to get it. The longer you let it lasts, the harder it is to break.

What Is The Most Awesome Psychological Fact?

The human brain sometimes behaves strangely! It makes our behavior unreasonable, believes in total nonsense, and can even change our memory. However, every decision we make has a reason. So what determines your choice?

All this is related to the Zajonc theory (social facilitation). You can walk around in a worn T-shirt at home, but like a lady in public. However, a person’s behavior depends not only on his company but also on the number of people he or she is undocumented at a certain moment. For example, a man may give up his seat on a public bus to impress a woman.

How to avoid being caught up? Ask yourself from time to time, “Why would I do this? Is it to impress someone and make them like me, or because I want it?”

The Hawthorne effect applies here. The new environment can pique our interest in experiments or events, make our behavior different, show more diligence and loyalty, and give false-positive results. For example, suppose that in a supermarket, you can taste the fish sauce with a new flavor and fill out a questionnaire. You may give it a high rating in the store, but at home, you will realize that there is nothing special about it.

How to avoid being caught up? Try to think clearly and critically. Answering a survey or experiment does not force you to give the highest score, simply because you were selected as an expert.

A person is more likely to remember things or actions that have not yet been completed. For example, the waiter will remember your order until it is brought to you, and then turn his attention to other guests. This is similar to selling merchandise to a lady who has already chosen a wedding dress elsewhere-she will not remember the wedding dress you showed her.

How to avoid being caught up? It is best to complete all operations so as not to get stuck in your memory. At least finish it in your mind. It can help you stand firm and stop asking “what if…”

Is the Veblen effect-economically unreasonable demand for expensive products. This effect is often observed among young people who are concerned about maintaining their social status. Discounted products or products on sale are considered defective products.

How to avoid being caught up? If you are looking for the latest Gucci bag or traveling to Europe just to write another great Instagram post, consider whether you are caught in this effect. When buying another expensive item, ask yourself: “Are you paying for high quality or social prestige?”

This is an example of the landing effect. People who make mistakes and look interesting tend to be more attractive to us. Perfect to keep a distance from us, even unpleasant.

How to avoid being caught up? Don’t be afraid to appear clumsy or stupid-these things actually make you more attractive! In addition, when we are authentic selves, it is much easier to meet people when we act like queens and kings.

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